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Global Emergency Care Collaborative


Global Emergency Care Collaborative (GECC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded and run by U.S. board certified Emergency Physicians dedicated to address the lack of acute emergency care infrastructure. By training providers from multiple health cadres in acute care delivery for the full continuum of illness and injury, GECC is developing a sustainable, horizontal, acute care system. Through a tiered system of trained providers, many emergencies can be recognized and appropriately treated locally, while more seriously ill patients can be appropriately referred to a higher level of care. GECC is dedicated to addressing these issues in a sustainable fashion. Members of GECC work with the health professionals currently providing patient care at established hospitals in lower income economies. In addition, GECC physicians have developed a train-the-trainer program model in emergency medicine for local providers. The train-the-trainer model employs task shifting, whereby "mid-level" non-physician providers, rather then emergency physician specialists, treat patients. By using non-physician clinicians, this program better utilizes the limited healthcare workforce and can be rapidly and inexpensively scaled-up. This program contains a core didactic curriculum that can be adapted to suit the various communities with which we work. To improve access to trained emergency care providers, GECC trains ECPs to immediately see all sick patients coming to the hospital. With quality care, many patients' lives are saved, including many children who are particularly vulnerable. Saving a patient's life can also save the economic well-being of his family. One ECP will treat at least 40,000 patients over her career, having a beneficial ripple effect on entire communities. GECC's flagship program is its two year train-the-trainer Emergency Care Practitioner program. Over the past six years, GECC has developed this innovative training program in acute care at Nyakibale Hospital in rural, southwestern Uganda. Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) is partnering with Global Emergency Care Collaborative (GECC) to offer the Post-Basic Diploma in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine to healthcare providers (mid-level Clinical Officers and general medical doctors) in Nairobi, Kenya. We are currently seeking funding to implement this partnership with KMTC. GECC and University of Massachusetts (UMASS) Emergency Physicians are collaborating with pediatric emergency and intensivist physicians at Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) in Siem Reap, Cambodia to teach Pediatric Emergency Ultrasound. Furthermore, the University of Massachusetts Department of Emergency Medicine, in partnership with GECC, is working to establish a long term partnership with Sonja Kill Hospital in Kampot, Cambodia with the goal of helping build a sustainable training program in emergency medicine.

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