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Hope Outreach International


After a decade of providing health assistance through mobile clinic in the Lamothe area of Haiti, Hope Outreach International with the assistance of partnered doctors and other medical professionals from the US gave a medical clinic to the people of Lamothe. Dr. Marciales of Bradenton, FL and a team accompanied HOI to Haiti for the grand opening of the clinic. The clinic is providing ongoing care to more than 700 families and 9 surrounding communities.Over the years, we have provided eye care, dental, Gynecology, pediatric, general medicine and ongoing first aid/wound care to the village. The clinic is also occupied with a pharmacy. We are in the process of adding a lab. Opportunities: Our goal is to immunize and provide annual check up and dental care for HOI Academy students and every child in the Village of Lamothe. We are in need of ongoing medical professionals to join us in Haiti.


About the organization