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Japanese Nursing Association


Japanese Nursing Association (JNA) is established for the licensed public health nurses, midwives, nurses, and assistant nurses in 1946. These licensed professional persons join the each prefecture nursing association on the voluntary basis. JNA is a national organization that operates in partnership with 47 prefecture nursing associations. Approved as a "non-profit social corporation" under Article 34 of the Civil Code, JNA engages in activities that contribute to the health and welfare of the Japanese public. Since its establishment in 1946, JNA has worked toward enhancing nursing standard in Japan through organizing support activities for members and undertaking initiatives that address challenges in the areas of public health, medical care and social welfare. JNA periodically reviews a Code of Ethics for Nurses and standards of Nursing Practice in order to improve the quality of nursing care. JNA will continue to make social contributions providing "better nursing services" that meet the demands of the time.


About the organization