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University of Tennesse at Chattanooga The LEAP


The team traveled to Guatemala City to serve an indigent population, but little did we know the lack of resources that the majority of the population didn't have. Their primary goal was to provide education in order to help the people of Guatemala City have sustainability and accountability for their own health problems. They also wanted to be prepared in case they came upon anyone that needed blood pressure screenings or any assessments. Prior to leaving Chattanooga, the team found out the organization they were working with (The LEAP) had several scholarship students going to medical school and nursing school. So, they decided they would make them a medical pack that contained each of the medical instruments supplied by MDF.

The students in the scholarship program in Guatemala will be able to use these instruments in school and in the Ghetto where they live and provide many health screenings to their neighbors. These instruments were essential in executing our goal of providing sustainability for Guatemala City. By having medical instruments of their own, the people in the scholarship program will be able to do assessments and provide medical care to their own. In addition to the instruments the team gave to several medical students in the scholarship program, they were able to use the rest of the donations to give assessments to people in the Ghetto, Dump, Women's Prison, Girl's Home and HIV Orphanage.


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